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Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar: The UFC 150 Postscript

Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar: The UFC 150 Postscript

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Frankie Edgar punching Ben Henderson's ponytail. (Getty)

On Saturday night, we tuned in to the UFC 150 pay-per-view broadcast to witness some high-level MMA action.  And sure, we certainly got that.  But what we didn't count on was the heaping dose of controversy surrounding the decision in the main event between UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson and former champ Frankie Edgar.  Wait, did I say "controversy"?  What I meant was "robbery".  "Farce".  "Comedy of errors".  "Screwjob".  Anyway, here's a nice, little UFC 150 postscript post, so you and I can vent our churning emotions and save money on seeing a licensed therapist.

 Henderson feeding Edgar some foot. (Getty)

  • Judge Tony Weeks gave Edgar Rounds Two, Three, Four and Five; judges Dave Hagen and Mark Van Tine had Henderson taking Rounds One, Three and Four.  I agree that the champ took the first round, and I felt that maybe, just maybe, Henderson also took the third.  Round Four, though?  Edgar was lighting Henderson up, got him to the ground, and threatened to finish him whenever he shifted from that front face-lock to a guillotine.  Edgar at least took three of the five rounds.  Anything else is just state-sanctioned blindness.


  • Where does Edgar go from here?  With Nate Diaz getting the next crack at the belt, and UFC president Dana White saying that if Edgar moves down to featherweight he does not get an immediate shot at champ Jose Aldo, "The Answer" is stuck in this nebulous realm where he's better than all the other contenders but doesn't get to be a contender himself.  And while we're on the subject, if the Edgar that fought Henderson last night were to fight Aldo, Aldo would be an exhausted mess by Round Four and an unconscious mess by Round Five.


  • Melvin Guillard is so dangerous, yet so flawed.  He will always be fun to watch, and for that he's worth his weight in gold hair dye, but it's hard to imagine him moving any further up the rankings.


  • Former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields has become the very definition of "letdown".  And I say this as someone who fully believed that, going into his bout against welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, he was going to submit the Canadian with ease.  Shields is like a bigger version of Rani Yahya, only with Yahya, we at least get some finishes once in a while.


  • Yushin Okami struggled way too hard with Buddy Roberts.  Has the Japanese middleweight's time in the sun passed?  Are we just going to see him decline from here on out?


  • When Jared Hamman said to his cornermen between rounds that he'd hurt his leg, don't you think it was their duty to stop the fight?  Hamman had no chance once he was injured.  Going out for that second round took guts and heart and major cojones, but getting what could be lasting damage for nothing isn't worth the accolades.


  • With the way he absolutely dominated the veteran Eiji Mitsuoka, Nik Lentz is a dingbat for not cutting down to featherweight sooner.  Who did he think he was when he was fighting at lightweight?  Frankie Edgar?


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