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craft of badge

craft of badge

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Uniform Badges

Uniform Badges: Uniform badges can be worn on a shirt or jacket; in a wallet or case; or used as a lanyard or pocket ID. These are high quality metal badges for police, fire, security, private investigators, ambulance, paramedics, etc. The badges are manufactured in the Blackinton plant in Massachusetts.

Our uniform badges come in hundreds of styles with multiple choices of sizes, finishes, colors, panels, and backs. We have a variety of wallets and cases. We have lanyards and pocket badges.

Badges are listed under "A" or "B" type badges. "A" badges only come in solid back and "B" type badges come in shell back, but a solid back can be ordered on some "B" type badges at an additional cost.

Badges come in the following finishes:

1. Nickel: silver in color; fair degree of hardness
2. Rhodium Plate: silver in color; platinum electroplated ; more shine; resistant to tarnishing
3. Rho-Glo: silver in color; a step up from the Rhodium plate; metal does not require electroplating for its shine and durability
4. Gold: gold in color; electroplated with 22K gold
5. Hi-Glo: gold in color; metals used do not require electroplating; polished to a high luster
6. KK: gold in color; 24K gold electroplating; tarnish proof
7. Rose Gold: dark gold color; gold electroplated; hand rubbed to look antique
8. Black: black/grey in color; lacquered to have minimum reflection
9. Bronze: bronze/copper in color; hand rubbed; look of natural oxidation from age
10. Two-Tone: combination of gold and silver in color; requires applied panel badges (see panels and seals)

Regular or Hard Enamel:

Regular:  means that the letters on the panel will be painted on the panels - Nickel, Rhodium Plate, and gold Plate have this as standard
Hard:      means that the letters have been stamped into the panels and then the letters are filled in with paint, which helps prevent loss of letters due to wear.  This feature is standard for Rho- Glo, Hi-Glo, and KK badges.

Block or Roman Lettering (fonts):  Lettering always comes in capital letters, however, you can choose from two fonts.

Block:  All capital letters, block font, (arial type font)
Roman:  All capital letters, roman font (new times roman type font)

Types of backs for badges:

(1) PIN AND SAFETY CATCH ( for shirts, jackets, etc.)
(2) WALLET CLIP (for wallets, belts, hanging lanyards, etc.)
(3) SCREW & CLUTCH ( for hats, ties, accessories, etc.)
(4) PERMANENT MOUNT (for wallets, etc.)

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